The ancient walls of the City of York encompass an arena - a melting pot - witness to more than two thousand years of turbulent Yorkshire history. Today's York is a vibrant city catering to the needs and entertainment of its citizens and millions of visitors. Both old and new buildings of the City of York are still dwarfed by the awe-inspiring bulk of York Minster.

Wander a while through the narrow winding streets of York - their timber buildings seem to lean together in embrace.  


Let your imagination transport you back - way back - in time. These streets haven't changed - I mean really changed - in centuries! You'll walk past inns and taverns - unless you give in to their temptations and step inside - that were considered old by the Georgians and Victorians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The surviving defensive walls and fortified gateways - such an evocative feature of any visit - were established by the Romans in the first century AD - repaired and restored throughout medieval times of harassment and attack from the Scots.  

Today, York is world-renowned  and is one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the North of England. Ranking up there with the top-ranking tourist destinations of England, York's streets are packed with excited folk from around the world. 

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